Customizing End-to-End Logistics Solutions to Drive Profits to Your Bottom Line
Implement Technology & Control
Streamline/Automate the transportation process to improve decision making, shipping, delivery and most important your bottom line.
Logistics Initiatives
Maximize the results of the logistics management process to advance efficiencies, customer satisfaction and your bottom line.
Freight Payment, Audit & Reporting
TBL's Settlement process is more than simple freight payment and audit. Why is our settlement process unique?
Continuous Improvement
Maximizing a company's capabilities using continuous improvement. The synergy and power that results from aligning process technology and people.
Adding Whole Foods to its business, Amazon may gain critical new nodes for its distribution network will use its blockbuster acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc. to become a major player in the bricks-and-mortar retail sector . . .

Chao: Administration still figuring out funding for Infrastructure Plan

The Trump administration has yet to agree on how to fund a portion of a $1 trillion, 10-year infrastructure plan expected to be unveiled this fall, the country’s top transportation officer told House funding leaders on June 15, a week after the White . . .

The Truck Stops Here - New Self-Driving Truck Technology Can Run For 12 Hours

The term “truck stop” may become a thing of the past as new self-driving truck technology makes its way into the industry . . .

Toyota Bring Fuel-Cell Technology to Big Rigs

Project Portal at the Port of Los Angeles tests the feasibility of using hydrogen-powered semis to move freight. At major ports, diesel-fueled drayage trucks that move cargo containers around belch large amounts of emissions . . .

TBL is proud to announce a joint venture with BDP International which increases our global reach and solutions to our wide range of valued clients.