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US shippers say West Coast ports near gridlock on stalled contract talks

Cargo traffic at several of the biggest U.S. West Coast ports has slowed to near gridlock, negotiators for shipping lines and terminal operators for 29 ports said on Monday as contract talks with the dockworkers’ union remain strained . . .

White House will intervene in West Coast ports strike

Labor secretary will aid stalled port talks
With the West Coast dock strike reaching a critical point, the White House announced Saturday that Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez will start talks with the two sides . . .

West Coast Port Lockout Threatened, Though Union Says Deal Is Close

The top negotiator for West Coast terminal operators and ocean carriers said the region’s docks are nearing “complete gridlock” and raised the prospect of a lockout in as few as five days unless a contract deal is reached . . .

Trucking Adds 2,400 Jobs in January; Unemployment Rises to 5.7%

The trucking industry added 2,400 jobs in January as the unemployment rate increased slightly to 5.7%, the Labor Department reported Feb. 6.

The transportation and warehousing sector, which includes trucking, lost 8,600 positions as the courier and messenger subsector lost 14,100 . . .

TBL is proud to announce a joint venture with BDP International which increases our global reach and solutions to our wide range of valued clients.