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Implement Technology & Control
Streamline/Automate the transportation process to improve decision making, shipping, delivery and most important your bottom line.
Logistics Initiatives
Maximize the results of the logistics management process to advance efficiencies, customer satisfaction and your bottom line.
Freight Payment, Audit & Reporting
TBL's Settlement process is more than simple freight payment and audit. Why is our settlement process unique?
Continuous Improvement
Maximizing a company's capabilities using continuous improvement. The synergy and power that results from aligning process technology and people.
Federal Judge Rules Swift Misclassified Truck Drivers as Independent Contractors

A federal judge ruled against Swift Transportation Co. determining that five drivers classified as independent contractors should have been considered employees. The plaintiffs claimed in the case that due to the misclassification, Swift failed to pay them all the wages required by federal and state . . .

Shippers, Carriers Race to Prepare for April Start of Federal Food Safety Modernization Regulation

The April compliance date for the federal government’s new food transportation safety rule is approaching quickly. The FDA’s regulators are preparing to enforce new safety rules on those shippers, carriers, brokers, receivers, and loaders not in compliance within the food supply chain . . .

New York-New Jersey ship to rail port facility breaks ground

Global Container Terminals USA and the Port Authority of New York-New Jersey have begun construction for the ExpressRail Port Jersey ‘Greenville Yard’ facility. The facility is designed to complement the terminal’s big ship handling capabilities and quick transaction time, the intermodal yard will . . .

Trump’s DOT Pick, Elaine Chao, Outlines Priorities for Agency

The effective enforcement of safety, repairing critical infrastructure and expediting the permitting process are priorities at the U.S. Department of Transportation that Elaine Chao said she will address if confirmed as transportation secretary in the Trump administration . . .

TBL is proud to announce a joint venture with BDP International which increases our global reach and solutions to our wide range of valued clients.