About TBL

Founded in 2001, TBL Services Inc. was established to provide the highest quality logistics technology and services to the North American market while recognizing our responsibility to our community, employees and professional relationships. In 2013 TBL became a division of BDP International giving TBL the ability to provide logistics services throughout the world.

TBL delivers measurable improvements using the tools, resources and business intelligence needed to succeed in today’s competitive business world. Our objective is to get best in class rates, advanced decision making technology and simplified access to information from order to ship to delivery through freight payment and audit

TBL recognizes that people come first. We treat our customer, carrier, and vendor relationships with the highest level of trust and fairness. TBL associates are actively involved in community projects and organizations and support their efforts whenever possible.


In summary, TBL is a logistics technology and management support company that provides practical solutions to reduce costs and have a positive impact on your bottom line. Our services are based on people, process, and technology that produces quantitative results. “Think Bottom Line.”