Our Process

Finally there is a better way!

TBL Services is an Insource Logistics Technology and Resource Company.  TBL provides practical solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity to improve our clients’ bottom line.  Our approach to the logistics market provides our clients with best in class rates, technology and information without giving up control to a 3PL.   Our customers maintain the decision making capability which allows them to use their business knowledge and experience while leveraging the logistics tools and information provided by TBL to accurately quantify the impact of their actions.

Our services are based on processes that we have developed to produce quantitative results. This process consists of four stages and is circular by design.  The result is a continuously improving system.






To be best-in-class, it is necessary to understand your logistics process in terms of its ability to be reactive, reliable, flexible and cost effective. To do so requires a commitment creating and measuring KPI’s, while benchmarking your logistics process from end-to-end.

The purpose of the TBL Benchmark Process is to assess a shipper’s execution of their logistics process from the receipt of an order to delivery to payment of carrier invoices. The Benchmark is organized into the following segments.

  • Data Overview
  • Interview Results
  • Mode/Carrier Selection/Routing
  • Bill of Lading/Documentation Review
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Transportation Rates and Agreements
  • Legal Exposure / Liability
  • Freight Payment and Audit
  • Technology
  • Overall Process

This process is based on an analysis of your shipment history combined with an in-depth interview process. This approach provides meaningful results by layering your business needs and constraints onto the data providing a complete picture of the realistic opportunities for improvement which may exist.

Measurement of logistics process effectiveness has substantial and proven benefits to companies who adopt these practices.  Contact TBL to Benchmark your process today.




Create the underlying network for a best-in-class logistics function.  Once TBL has completed the benchmark they now have a blue print for measurable change.  Key areas within the current logistics process are changed to improve the process flow and lower cost.

  • RFP Services
  • Contract Mgmt
  • Best in Class Rates/Routing
  • Inbound Vendor Management
  • Implement Process Changes
  • Realign customers

From the smallest house to the largest skyscraper, all begin with a solid base.  This base must be sturdy, sound and endure.  It is from which all else will be constructed.  The same is true for your transport network.  TBL will put carriers in place to best drive down costs and improve service levels.  We remove the complexity from multiple fuel programs and manage all carriers under a centralized, simple contract providing the best indemnification in the transportation industry.



TBL Services implements technology to optimize solutions created in the Foundation phase.  Our technology is specifically designed for you, our customer, and addresses your needs.

  • Contract Management Tool
  • Rating and Routing
  • Shipment/BOL Mgmt System – TMS
  • In transit visibility, alert notifications
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Whether a simple rate engine with document generation or a full ERP integration to streamline and simplify the largest corporate operation, we plan with purpose and execute flawlessly.  Our full time staff of developers will design and manufacture any system enhancements necessary for success.  Think of us as an extension of your own IT Department with the ability to create and deploy quickly and efficiently.



Enhance the traditional freight payment function by generating the information needed to strategically manage your business.

  • Freight bill payment/audit
  • Accrual – Real time
  • Data capture for analysis
  • Measure impact of changes

What makes TBL different?  TBL’s Settlement process is more than simple freight payment and audit.  It is our vision that strategic, long-term value is created when the processing of freight bills is understood to be more than an outsourced accounts payable function.  TBL has developed a comprehensive system to accurately process, audit and pay freight invoices while capturing all data fields on your freight bill.

The enduring value is the creation of a powerful and accurate database of shipping activity which can be leveraged to manage your long term and short term business goals.