Logistics Initiatives

The objective is to be best in class in all aspects of the supply chain. Our goal is to focus on the transportation process from long-range strategies, process re-engineering, and operational planning to day-to-day execution.

Become Best In Class

Transportation Services Procurement

Best in class procurement combines strategy, execution, and automation to assist companies to realize value in the form of cost savings, process improvement, knowledge transfer, and systems implementation.

The TBL Transportation RFI/RFP process follows a deliberate approach of data analysis, defining baselines, researching carrier options, developing RFP templates, inviting relevant carriers to bid, responding to questions, analyzing bid responses, comparing bids to baseline figures, and making recommendations.

  1. LTL
    • TBL takes the complexity out of the LTL procurement process. When developing a carrier RFP for shipping LTL there are many important distinctions that will have an impact on the results. TBL recognizes and considers the importance of baserate selection, class and density, service and transit time, rules tariffs, fuel surcharges, special services, EDI capability and much more.
  2. Truckload
    • Flexibility best describes an effective truckload process and the key is having a strategy that can adapt to the current market conditions. As the supply and demand curves shift, are you ready?
    • TBL provides the resources and technology needed to stay ahead of the truckload market. Complete bid management process to handle large and specialty RFPs, spot quote capabilities for smaller truckload shippers, and the ability to develop capacity commitments and contingency plans.
    • TBL understands the importance of the tradeoff between cost, service, and risk. Our goal is to provide shippers with the necessary information and alternatives that enable them to make strategic decisions.
  3. Intermodal
    • Our experience and volume with intermodal rail providers give you the best rates, container availability, and system capacity.  Make TBL part of your transportation mix and you will see the advantages in both cost and additional capacity.
  4. Parcel
    • Parcel contracting, rate negotiation, and selection is extremely complex. The agreements you sign contain commitment levels, incentives, discounts, and fees in addition to a host of other terms that many people do not understand. The most important question: Are you truly helping or hurting your bottom line?
    • TBL understands the Parcel industry and will tailor an agreement that fits your company’s needs and requirements while minimizing your cost and risk exposure.

Contract Management

    • Transportation rates and audit capabilities are often inaccurate due to system constraints or undefined contract language.  TBL’s proprietary pricing program Dealmaker solution provides a seamless interface between carrier pricing agreements and TBL’s rating system (RateNow) and Freight Payment Solution.
    • Pricing variables are loaded into DealMaker which then generates pricing documents for actual signature.  The signed pricing documents are automatically uploaded into the TBL system to ensure accurate rating and freight audit of transportation rates, while legally tying the pricing agreement to your transportation contract.
    • The results are protection against excess or unknown carrier charges and confidence that you know your actual freight costs before an invoice is received.

Inbound Vendor Management

The TBL Vendor Management program allows the procurement team to focus their time on finding the best vendors and products and not the shipping, which provides:

  • Enhanced upstream visibility to order processing and inbound shipping for improved supply chain management
  • Transparent collaboration with all supply chain stakeholders, including management of order status and execution
  • Real-time tracking and exception notification along with supply chain communications
  • Greater understanding of the costs of products versus their transportation for better budget control
  • Optimized inbound transportation management for potential reductions in your transportation spend

Process Alignment

The one thing that is constant in the supply chain is change. What is changing is the world around you, whether it is internal with new products, customers, average order size, systems, capacities or external impacts of lane imbalance, carriers leaving or coming into the industry, new government regulations, customer requirements. This combined with one constant “24 hours in a day” can put you behind in getting things done. TBL supports companies that need project help. Some of the areas are:

  • Mode analysis, weight break metrics and haul reconfiguration.
  • Shipping process reengineering
  • Site/network analysis
  • Product launches
  • Seasonal distribution
  • Consulting

Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)

A flexible blend using your carriers and TBL’s contract carrier network to create an effective, customizable transportation. TBL uses our comprehensive logistics expertise to help you meet increasingly demanding cost and performance targets.

As your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) we will manage your logistics process from end to end, using a combination of our own logistics resources and your specialist providers.

Our comprehensive experience means we are experts in handling multiple suppliers and service providers.  Additionally, we provide the visibility you need to monitor and control your flows every step of the way. Our pursuit of excellence to every task and finding new and better ways to coordinate all aspects of the logistics process will improve your bottom line.